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Prairie Creek Community School is a public, elementary charter school located in Castle Rock, Minnesota. Here,180 students and their teachers join together in passionate inquiry, project-based discovery, and hands-on learning.

We believe as John Dewey did that students construct their skilled understanding of the world from genuine experiences. They learn math as they run a bodega or quantify the day's recycling. They create their own courts and legislatures as they study government. They become scientists as they design bird-feeding stations and map the geography of the school's woods and meadows.

According to the principles of progressive education, children at Prairie Creek learn how to learn by doing. They pose questions, they wonder aloud, they bring their natural curiosities to the classroom for full consideration. Each school day provides them with real-world opportunities to explore, to inquire, to answerall the while supported by teachers who channel these ambitions into structured, creative projects and challenging lessons.

In philosophy and in practice, Prairie Creek's progressive curriculum invites students to roll up their sleeves and jump right in to learninglearning that recognizes their lives, during these few years and beyond, as intriguing
and collaborative adventures.

Kindergarten Orientation
Saturday, April 29, 2014
Children and parents 

Music Concert

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Northfield Middle School Auditorium 

May Day Celebration
Thursday, May 1, 2014

Food Farm Fun!
5th Annual Summer Camp
Please contact Nancy Dennis if you are interest.

Board Approved Calendar for 2013-2014 School Year


Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered or just came out to enjoy an evening together.  What a wonderful event.