Math Websites

Many of these games have different levels. Kids, work with an adult to find a level to help you learn the most!  We have made video explanations of some of the algorithms we use at Prairie Creek.

Most Comprehensive

Check out Khan Academy's site, which offers a free library of more than 3,000 multimedia lessons in everything from elementary-school basic addition, geometry, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, all the way to calculus, trigonometry, and beyond!

For All

Bunny Count - Count the bunnies and match your result to the number

Multiplication Table - A brilliant interactive table that gives you the answer and shows you why 

Some Reading

Multiplication Flash Cards - Simple, easy-to-see flash cards to reinforce your facts

Guess the Number - How many guesses will it take you? Use logic to make the best guess

Lemonade Stand - Run your own business!

Math Baseball - Can you bat a home run? Players can play at their own level

Mathcar Racer - Choose the biggest sum to beat the computer's car

Math Tic Tac Toe Squares - A favorite for brushing up on those facts

Number Cracker - Discover the pattern to solve the code, at the best level for you

One False Move - Travel through a haunted house, putting the numbers in order

Place Value Puzzler - Uncover the picture as you work with place values

Lots of Text

Shape surveyor - Brush up on your perimeter and area

Measurement Converter - Ever wonder how many centimeters an inch is? 

Math Challenge Problems  - How well can you do these challenging word problems? Put your brain to the test

Mega Mathematics - Some of the big mysteries in math explained in ways kids can understand

Language Websites

These games also have different levels. Kids, work with an adult to find a level to help you learn the most!

For All

Clifford Fun - Read a story and play word games with this fun dog

What's the Word - Match the pictures to the word

Some Reading

Make a Word - How many words can you make?

Between the Lions Games - Lots of great ones, especially Gawain's Word and Alphabet Soup

Lots of Text

Poetry Express - Exercises to get those creative juices flowing

Puzzlemaker - Type in your words and let this program make you a puzzle

American Folklore - Search for folktales from 50 states, Native American myths, and Tall Tales

Vocabulary University - Excite everyone with your word erudition (that means knowledge)