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Prairie Creek is a special school: to sustain the highest standard of learning for our children, parents play a vital role.
When parents offer their time and talents to Prairie Creek, it enables our teachers to concentrate on the creative details in our classrooms and it supports our director and school board in their principled governing work.

Our school expects each family to volunteer their resources with generosity and purposeby giving of their time, talent, and treasure. Working together builds a vibrant and lasting community, and materially enhances Prairie Creek's educational mission.

How do I get involved? 

Getting involved is simple. Just contact your child's classroom teacher or our school's Volunteer Coordinator and let them know you’re interested in helping out. You can figure out together what might be a good fit for your special interests when it comes to donating your time and talents to Prairie Creek, and how you might direct financial and gift donations to the school.

Kick off the school year: Volunteer
During the Back-to-School Picnic that Prairie Creek hosts on the Friday of Labor Day weekend,  you can begin your service by browsing the descriptions of Volunteer Opportunities we've got on display, sign up on the spot, and meet our Volunteer Coordinator and other community volunteers.

What can I do to help?

There are so many possibilities, and we welcome them all. Here are some suggestions:

-Spend one of your lunch breaks each month at school serving lunch for the kids

-Spend an hour in your child’s classroom each week or each month, working with students as they read, do
 math games, and construct personal projects

-Set up or take down tables and chairs at a special school event (typically held in the evenings)

-Chaperone a field trip

-Whip up a dozen cookies for Curriculum Night or fix a main dish for teachers during conferences

-Be the main contact person to help direct a social event such as Art Night or Graduation. Never done this before?
 No worries—details and instructions will be provided for you, with plenty of support from veteran parents

-Join the school board, or serve with other parents on a committee that interests you

-Paint a wall or fix a leak in our school building (it's almost a century old!)

-Be an “expert” in a theme when it comes up in a classroom, and share your hobby or training

-Knit, crochet, or woodwork with a small group of children interested in learning these skills

-Lead a book group, and get an earful of Prairie Creekers’ literary opinions

-Maintain or contribute to the website (and learn more about the school than you thought possible)

-Mentor a fifth grader’s Honors Project, and experience the thrill and fulfillment of helping a graduating Prairie
 Creeker bring their schooling to fruition in oral, written, and visual presentations

Volunteering builds community

The other parents you serve lunch beside, chaperone a field trip with, or bid against at the Annual Auction are the ones you will likely be friends with for many, many years to come. If you're feeling disconnected from the Prairie Creek community, if you're new to the school, if you'd like to strengthen your child's social bondsplease don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher and, together, figuring out the right fit for your time and talents at school.