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Spanish at Prairie Creek               

In the Spanish classroom, students grow in their pronunciation of Spanish, increase their vocabulary, and enjoy a repertoire of fun games in Spanish with their friends. Prairie Creek's Spanish instruction reflects our commitment to responsive learning--and in practice is often manifest in active movement, lively group games, and spirited fiestas of learning! Children participate in these purposeful classes twice each week.

Jennifer Sanders is an energetic Chicago-area native first introduced to Minnesota when she attended St. Olaf College. She and her husband live in the heart of Northfield and are excited to purs
ue community in such a friendly town! Her love for speaking and teaching Spanish, as well as for interactive learning through 
all the senses, led her to pursue a Community Expert Licensure to teach at Prairie Creek. Jennifer has traveled to four Latin American countries: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Guatemala, w
here she served as a translator and interpreter for six separate trips.

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Spring Parent Letter 2017