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policies + procedures

SCHOOL BOARD Policies + Procedures

Chapter 1: School/Students Records
Data Access for Members of the Public (adopted 5/31/12)
Directory Information (adopted 6/21/12)
Immunization Requirements (adopted 3/19/15)
Record Retentions/Destruction (adopted 11/19/15)
Student Education Data (adopted 5/31/12)

Chapter 2: Students
Admissions Policy (revised 8/25/2017)
Attendance (reviewed 9/28/17)
Behavior Policy (adopted 9/27/12)
Bullying Prohibition Policy (revised 8/28/14)
Report Form
Concussion Management Policy (adopted 11/21/13)
Hazing Prohibition (adopted 11/17/11)
Home Bound (adopted 5/28/15)
Interviews of Students By External Authorities (adopted 5/28/15)
Mandated Reporting (adopted 2/28/13)
School Records for Incoming Kindergarten Students (adopted 1/8/2008)
Student Medication  (adopted 4/23/15)
Title 1 (adopted 11/21/13)
Wellness Policy (revised 9/28/17)
Appendix A
Appendix B
Chapter 3: Human Resources
Anti-Nepotism Policy (11/21/13)
At-will employment (adopted 6/21/12)
Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Policy (adopted 11/17/11)
Conflict of Interest (adapted 11/29/12)
Conflict of Interest Employee (adapted 9/22/16)
Criminal Background Checks (adopted 6/21/12)
Distribution of noncurricular materials by employees and students (adopted 10/23/2014)
Discrimination, Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy, Grievance Procedures (adopted 3/29/12)
Drug Free Workplace (adopted 6/21/12)
Electronic Use (adopted 6/27/13)
Employee Review Their Own Personnel File (adopted 11/19/12)
Employee Right to Inspect Personnel Files (adopted 6/21/12)
Employee Right to Know (adopted 5/12/09)

Equal Educational Opportunity Policy (adopted 3/29/12)
Equal Employment Opportunity (adopted 12/20/12)
Health Insurance Policy (adopted 6/23/26)
Internet and Educational Network Safety and Acceptable Use (adopted 6/25/15)
Notice of Employee Rights regarding Termination of Employment (adopted 3/29/12)
Parenting Leave (adopted 4/18/12)

Public and Private Personnel Data (adopted 3/29/12)
Tobacco Free Workplace
(adopted 5/23/13)
Volunteer Policy (adopted 6/25/15)
Weapons on School Grounds (adopted 6/21/12)
Whistleblower (adopted 4/26/12)

Chapter 4: Academic
Mandated Testing Procedures and Security (adopted 4/28/16)
Pledge of Allegiance Policy (adopted 3/21/13)

Chapter 5: Special Education
Section 504 Accommodation-see Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Policy in Chapter 3
Special Education File Retention Policy (adopted 5/31/12--Revised 5/23/13)
Tuition Policy (adopted 11/18/17)

Chapter 6: Facilities
Playground Safety (adopted 5/12/10)
Policy on Facility Neutrality and Equal Access for Boy Scouts of America, Title 36 Groups and Other Outside Youth and Community Groups (adopted 12/21/11)
Policy on Facility Neutrality and Equal Access for Student Non-Curricular Groups (adopted 12/21/11)
Policy on Religious Accommodation (adopted 12/21/11)
Use of Facilities (adopted 5/31/12-revised 9/27/12)
Chapter 7: Operations
Crisis Management (adopted 11/17/11)

Chapter 8: Governance
Conflict of Interest –Board (adopted 3/29/12)
Responsible Authority (adopted 11/17/11)
School Board Member Development (adopted 2/28/13 Revised 12/14/17)

Chapter 9: Financial
Acceptance and Administration of Gifts (adopted 5/31/12)
Acceptance of Gifts – board & employees (adopted 5/31/12)
Fund Balance Policy (adopted 6/26/14)
Meal Charge (revised 9/28/17)
Scholarship Policy for Field Trips and School Events (adopted 2/12/08)