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meadowlarks (2-3)

Amy Haslett-Marro
quin’s teaching career began over 20 years ago in Northfield when she taught preschool students after she graduated from St. Olaf College. She completed her master's degree studies at the University of Minnesota and Concordia University. Amy continued to teach in Guatemala, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and again in Northfield, where she worked as the Spanish language teacher at Prairie Creek, the ESL teacher at the Northfield School of Arts and Technology, and a Spanish instructor at St. Olaf College. Amy taught in the Companeros immersion program at Bridgewater Elementary in Northfield before returning to Prairie Creek as a classroom teacher in 2010. She loves teaching in this child-centered, community-focused school. Amy lives just outside of Northfield with her husband, Regi, and their three children on a small farm called Finca Mirasol. She spends summers raising free-range chickens and gardening. Beyond that, she enjoys biking, being a swimmer's mom, getting together with family, getting lost in a good book, writing, and dancing. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with children—discovering with them, learning from them, and celebrating their accomplishments.

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