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Parents and students, you can browse our library stacks and shelves from your computer, and place items on hold for pick-up at school!

Card Catalog
login: [your child's first initial + last name] or [your child's entire first + last name if they would have identical loginssome siblings, for example]
pw: PCCS


Highlights of the Prairie Creek library

-The shelves contain more than 12,000 books, allowing our students to feed their curious minds and expand their reading interests.

-Book carts that hold leveled readers are located near classrooms, which makes them easy to use by K-3 emergent readers and their teachers.

-Two circulation stations speed up the check-out process, meaning the children spend less time standing in line and more time perusing the stacks.

-Three research stations and several laptops makes it faster and easier for our students to find the books they’re after and to make requests through our online card catalog.

-The library's online card catalog invites students and parents to place items on hold from home. This system automatically notifies the librarian, and kids get their requests quickly.

-The online catalog also contains nearly 500 interactive ebooks—accessible to everyone at the school!

-Prairie Creek’s librarian supports our students’ education by making sure the resources for classroom themes and individual projects are right at hand for students and faculty to delve into.