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“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say
any other way—
things I had no words for.”   –Georgia O`Keeffe  

Art at Prairie Creek

The art studio at Prairie Creek is a place where children begin to discover their voices and palettes inspired by art. Prairie Creek’s Art Specialist, Angie Ekern, has a passion for guiding children in meaningful art experiences that blossom beyond the studio. Through meaningful art engagement, children develop an awareness of and appreciation for others—and, in turn, they learn about themselves. Through art, children at Prairie Creek connect to their whole learning by using their hands, hearts, and minds together to create, communicate, and discover.

The lessons focus on discovery and exploration. Children are encouraged to work at their own pace. This allows them to feel safe and take risks as their creative expression begins to unfold and blossom! With a focus on process, children are able to gain skills and concepts relating to art. Art concepts are taught through instruction based on the elements and principles of design.

Children use a variety of art materials and techniques. Studio lessons are designed to develop creative expression as well as visual language and vocabulary. Children learn active problem-solving skills as they make aesthetic decisions and develop informed opinions about art.

Art Specialist Angie Ekern brings unique and memorable art experiences to our students at Prairie Creek. Previous to her arrival, Angie taught at Sibley Elementary School in Northfield for five years. While there, she earned her master's degree in education. During this time she focused her studies on the integration of art and literacy, co-creating a beautiful yearly event at Sibley called “Beyond Words: A Celebration of Art and Literacy.”

Before moving to this area in 2003, Angie lived and taught for two years in Eugene, Oregon. Angie recalls this as a pivotal time in her career, especially her work at a Waldorf School and her engagement with the incredible Waldorf philosophy.  Prior to this, Angie obtained her B.F.A. in K-12 Art Education through the University of Minnesota-Duluth. While there she worked at the Duluth YMCA for five years.

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