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Look over website and collect ideas for project
Early December Choose idea and find a mentor
December  7
Contact your teacher if you are having difficulty finding a mentor
December 16
Turn in completed topic and mentor confirmation form

December 16
Questions of Wonder finished
January 3
Resources gathered (don't forget to collect information about them in a bibliography) Begin taking notes.
Conference Check In
Bring your notecards to conference.
February 10*
Initial research completed (you will probably have to do a little more research as you write and have more questions)
February 13*
Ideas and facts organized to begin writing
February 27*
First draft of writing complete, begin to think of presentation
March 4*
Revision of writing complete, presentation form decided
March 10*
Bibliography complete

Editing of writing complete, presentation begun

Poster (tri-fold) planned, tri-fold purchased, pictures gathered, captions written (this provides for enough time to use paper cutters at school)
March 17
Poster done, presentation planning begun
March 17*
"Doing" portion of presentation planned
March 28
Presentation completely planned, begin practicing
April 3-5
Presentations at PCCS
April 6
Honoring Fair at PCCS
April 6
Honoring Night (7pm)
*These dates are meant as a guideline.  By following them, you will be sure to have enough time to produce your best work.

This calendar assumes you will do work over spring break.  If you are not going to be able to use that time, you should move your deadlines up by shortening your first draft and revision timelines.